How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend in three easy steps: Step #1

Wear nice clothes and smell good. A woman may hook up with a guy dressed like Milli Vanilli but she won’t want to get in a relationship with him. She knows that a potential boyfriend will have to eventually be presented to her friends and family. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed. So dress the part of the man she can be proud of. That doesn’t mean you have to become a Rocker if you’re a Mod but it does mean that your clothes should be cleaned, pressed and tailored to fit your body.

Step #2

Be fun. Too often guys who are looking for relationships end up acting too serious. This is no truer than on blind, speed or internet dates. Guys try to show their long-term value as if they are bad-tasting but ‘good for you’ medicine. Unfortunately women (as is all people) are not that long-term thinking. They emphasize their long-term qualities and bore women into turning tail and running. Think of yourself as an instantly-addicting, recreational drug. Be like cocaine. Most people end up in a relationship with the less than ideal ‘paper’ match cause they simply had fun with the other person. Don’t worry about being perfect. In many instances it can be helpful to admit to flaws because it takes pressure off everyone to be perfect and allows you to focus on having fun in the moment. Hint: Use a sense of fantasy. (see this post on tips for using fantasy )

Step #3

This is the most important step to get a girlfriend. Don’t want a girlfriend. Be careful of telegraphing that you want a girlfriend. That can land you in ‘needy-guy’ territory and ruin a budding relationship. Relationships are like trains. They require fun and being in the moment with the other person to fuel the engine which pulls the train. When you spend your time figuring out where the relationship is headed instead of shoveling the coal into engine, the whole thing grinds to a halt and that is not fun for anyone.

As a guy, it is your job to be the one who brings fun and spontaneity to the moment. Forget where the relationship is headed or if you are even in one. The best long-term-relationships just happen without anyone worrying about the formal tag of ‘now we’re boyfriend and girlfriend’. You just one day realize you and her have been inseparable for the past three months and you say with a laugh, “Hey, I guess we’re in a long-term-relationship, duh.”

The best way to not let on that you don’t want a girlfriend is to actually not seek a girlfriend but instead be relaxed and focuses on the moment and having the best time you can possibly have with whomever you are with at the moment. Good luck and enjoy yourself.